Terms & Conditions ProGolf Link (PGL)


ProGolf Link (PGL) is a system that facilitates the booking of golf group lessons. The system matches Parties under Conditions as described below. These Conditions are agreed upon by Parties with each other – not with PGL. PGL is explicitly no party in these conditions and not responsible and/or liable for the course of the co-operation between Parties. Parties accept this without any qualification.



Person or Organization which creates a Package, invites others, books the Package and is the contact for Parties.


The whole of the Lessons and Options as put together by the Organizer in PGL. A Package consists of a minimum of 6 hours of Lessons.


A person invited by the Organizer to participate in the Package.


An Invite(e) who has accepted the invitation of the Organizer.

Down Payment:

Payment for the NGF Registration (Golf4Holland members are exempt).

Lesson Provider:

Person or Organization that provides golf lessons.

Parties :

Organizers, Participants, Lesson Providers and Stichting Golf4Holland.


All Parties, except Organizers and Participants.


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Stichting Golf4Holland:

NGF associated golfclub that arranges NGF Registration and NGF Rule Exams.

Maximum Price Package:

Price per Participant with the maximum number of Participants.

Minimum Price Package:

Price per Participant with the minimum number of Participants.

Conditions Organizer

  1. An Organizer can only book a Package when the minimum number of Participants has been reached.
  2. Organizers can create Packages and invite people free of any charge or obligation until the Organizer books the package.
  3. When an Organizer books a Package all obligations of Parties who accepted the Package, are final.
  4. The Organizer receives the contact data of the Providers as soon as all required downpayments have been received.
  5. The Organizer is the contact and arranges everything with regards to the booking with the other Parties.

Conditions Lesson Provider

  1. The Lesson Provider agrees to the hourly rates for golf lessons. These rates will always
    • Include all costs of VAT, rental clubs, Use of practice facilities.
    • Exclude the possible costs of driving range balls and greenfees for course lessons.
  2. The Lesson Provider will take care of any further arrangements regarding the Package with the Organizer.

Conditions Participants

  1. The Participant may accept and cancel an invitation for a Package free of cost and without any obligation until the Organizer books the Package.
  2. By accepting the invitation the Participant authorizes the Organizer to book the Package and in doing so accepts all consequences resulting therefrom as described in these Terms & Conditions.
  3. The Participant commits to full payment of all costs as described in the Package. There will be no refunds after payment.